Climate Design Atlas for Nepal

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Despite being a small country, Nepal displays a highly varying topography which is leading to a variety of climatic conditions. Climate-smart and energy efficient building design (also called passive design) is the answer to a specific local climate condition. In the context its research activities, EcoThinking developed an Climate Design Atlas for Nepal that provides essential information to the building designer and home builders regarding effective passive design strategies. The study identified five predominated climate design zones, namely:

  • Warm climate (below 500 masl)
  • Moderate warm climate (from 501 masl to 1,000 masl)
  • Moderate climate (from 1,001 masl to 1,500 masl)
  • Moderate cold climate (from 1,501 masl to 2,500 masl)
  • Cold climate (above 2,500 masl)

Natural ventilation for cooling and solar control are the most important climate responsive design strategies in Nepal’s warm and moderate warm climate. Passive solar heating has priority in the moderate, moderate cold and cold climate to reduce the energy demand for heating. High thermal mass is important in all climate zone except the warm climate. Insulation of the building envelope is important in all climate regions of the country. Regarding the active design, fan-forced ventilation plays an important role in warm, moderate warm and moderate climate. Dehumidification is fairly important in the warm and moderate warm climate zone. While active cooling is very important in the warm climate zone, active heating is very important in Nepal’s moderate cold and cold climate.

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EcoThinking has been a pleasure to work with. Their creativity and attention to detail has really made the difference in our master planning efforts. We have learnt lot from them about green and sustainable solutions.

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EcoThinking consultants, a talented architects and engineers, have been a pleasure to work with. They work collaboratively with other design consultants and general contractors to ensure that all of the client’s vision, program, and objectives are met.

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After many projects, I continue to work with EcoThinking because of their commitment to excellence. In sustainable design, of course, but as importantly in team collaboration, client service and shared responsibility for the results of the project over the long run.

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Working with EcoThinking has helped us to find additional potentials in our projects.  They have been a trusted advisors and allowed us to expand our business portfolio.  They have been an integral part of our continued success.

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EcoThinking has a talented team that far exceeded the other consulting firms I had worked with.  I have been continually impressed by their attention to detail, follow through and ability to balance client desire to find outstanding solutions.

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