Energy Efficiency Guidelines for Social Housing

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Brazil has currently a housing deficit of about 8 million housing units that is still increasing. Due to the fact that social housing provides homes for the population with low income and is funded by governmental programmes or other donors, the available capital is limited and should be used to construct as many housing units as possible. Therefore, the investment per housing unit is too low to reach a good construction standard. The current building practice in social housing disregards regional climatic conditions and bioclimatic strategies. This leads in its turn to poor thermal comfort within those new housing units and, consequently, to higher in-efficient energy consumption. Thus, the poorest part of the population suffers eminently from the increasing energy consumption and hence the rising energy costs; they pay today higher percentage of their income for energy services in comparison to the high-income households.
With a study on energy efficiency opportunities in Social Housing Units in Brazil, EcoThinking has contributed to built up evidence-based knowledge on effective strategies to reduce energy consumption for the urban poor. The study concluded that with an marginal increased investment of only 10%, the most important energy efficiency measures could be implemented. Based on the extensive analysis of a specific social housing project located in Rio de Janeiro, EcoThinking drafted energy efficiency guidelines with a catalogues of 14 strategies covering the areas of site planning, thermal and visual comfort, household equipment and eco-efficiency. These guidelines were later used to develop the Brazilian green building label “Selo Casa Azul”.

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EcoThinking has been a pleasure to work with. Their creativity and attention to detail has really made the difference in our master planning efforts. We have learnt lot from them about green and sustainable solutions.

Ahmed HadeedUrban Planner

EcoThinking consultants, a talented architects and engineers, have been a pleasure to work with. They work collaboratively with other design consultants and general contractors to ensure that all of the client’s vision, program, and objectives are met.

Jordi FernandezProject Developer

After many projects, I continue to work with EcoThinking because of their commitment to excellence. In sustainable design, of course, but as importantly in team collaboration, client service and shared responsibility for the results of the project over the long run.

Hadi MönchbachArchitect

We're very pleased with the efforts and expertise of EcoThinking in tackling an exciting and challenging project through many needs with tremendous sensitivity with wonderful results.

Andreas MüllerHomebuilder

Working with EcoThinking has helped us to find additional potentials in our projects.  They have been a trusted advisors and allowed us to expand our business portfolio.  They have been an integral part of our continued success.

Successful project cooperation
Matthias HeppeltEngineering Company

EcoThinking has a talented team that far exceeded the other consulting firms I had worked with.  I have been continually impressed by their attention to detail, follow through and ability to balance client desire to find outstanding solutions.

Niresh ShresthaEngineering Company